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What on Earth is this magical little thing? Which text must have enchanted it (and how does Norrell not know of it yet?). This is Jonathan Strange and you may leave me whatever message you wish!
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CHARACTER NAME: Jonathan Strange
CHARACTER CANON: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Lit)


Slowtagging: All good with that.
Canon-puncturing: He will likely assume you've simply confused him with the book he authored and not the one about him.
Offensive subjects: Ill words about Arabella won't be taken well.


Hugging this character: Absolutely!
Kissing this character: He is happily married, madam (or sir).
Flirting with this character: Why not!
Fighting with this character: Yes, though he may employ magic in return.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): With pre-approved permission, absolutely.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: While not currently mad, Jonathan will be descending into those depths over the course of play. It should be noted that his mind will be a wild thing, at that point.

General Warnings: Jonathan Strange is the second recognized (of two) English magicians and is by far, the less guided one. His magic is like music in the back of his head. He can perform it, but pays little mind to the study of it and how it comes to be. As such, his magic is sometimes erratic and unexpected. He will often be using mirrors and reflective surfaces as his doors.


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Direct your questions regarding gameplay with Jonathan Strange to the comments of this post! This is not an in-character mailbox, it is for OOC plotting. Comments are screened.


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